The expression ‘riding on the sheep’s back’ was coined for this corner of the nation, with Greater Hamilton historically referred to as the wool capital of the world.

Today, it’s the land of plenty, as producers harness the ultimate combination of climate and location. 

The diversification from livestock to broadacre cropping has triggered one of the most significant landscape changes in history, enhanced by the early adoption of new technology and innovation. Greater Hamilton has now positioned itself as one of the most rapidly expanding grain growing areas in Australia courtesy of revolutionary raised bed cropping that improves crop yields and profitability. The broader region is also poised to become the flaxseed capital of Australia due to its optimum growing conditions featuring a cool, temperate climate over the spring-summer period. Niche production areas for the culinary market are also capturing national attention.

Hemp production in Australia is only in it’s infancy with Waltanna Farms among many innovating with legal hemp, with the opportunity to expand into medicinal in the future.

However Greater Hamilton’s grassroots success with livestock also endures; more than 1,000,000 sheep and 50,000 cattle are sold each year at the Hamilton Regional Livestock Exchange.

In April 2016 Southern Grampians Shire Council approved plans for an abattoir, with the expectation of construction to commence shortly.

Studies by the Southern Grampians Shire Council have also identified genuine opportunities for a grain processing facility.