Agriculture lies at the very heart of the Greater Hamilton region of Victoria.

Fertile soils and regular, reliable rainfall lured the first European settlers to the area’s rich volcanic plains in the 1830s, laying the foundation for a highly productive wool and pastoral industry. 

They left the land in good hands, for their pioneering spirit lives on.

Today, high commodity prices, the early adoption of exciting new technology and the innovations of the Greater Hamilton farming community continue to drive growth in both productivity and diversity. The region is no longer riding on the sheep’s back alone; prime lambs, beef cattle, cropping, timber, intensive horticulture and viticulture worth over $215 million is now traded annually in ever-expanding export and domestic markets.

Greater Hamilton really is the land of opportunity.


Greater Hamilton properties are home to one of the densest populations of broadacre livestock farming in the world, with more than 1 million lambs, 2.3 million sheep and 120,000 head of beef cattle. (2011 ABS)